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Monday, May 24, 2010

Target trip 5/24

I'm laying out my transaction, so I can try to understand what looks like they missed 7 coupons...they just got kicked out for some reason, but I got the cash back on them after getting the CS rep to goes:

8 Nabisco 100 cal packs, 4 @ 2.41 & 4 @ 2.54, used 4 bogo Qs, 3 $1 Qs, and 1 free TQ(it wouldn't take my 2nd TQ)=4.23
Sunsweet juice 4.39, used free Q=0
Uncle Bens rice 1.69, used free Q=0
Cheerios 2.54, used free Q=0
watermelon 2.99
9 Kraft Homestyle mac & cheese 2.69 each, used 9 $1.50Qs & 3 free TQs=2.64
8 Oscar Mayer lunchmeat 2.79 each, used 3 freeQs, 5 $1.50Qs & 2 free TQs=0.87
then I used 3 bags so another 15 cents off...that is 10.58...oops, it was correct, but 7 of my $1.50 Qs do not show on the receipt.  I knew I would have about $7 total, but I guess the other Nabisco TQ not going through, coupled with the receipt not showing all my Qs...I am really confused now!  I guess I'll take the $10.50 the gave me back to embarassed!

This receipt will go toward my Kraft Summer rebate!

ps, I had my trans all planned out differently, but when I got there, they were out of the cheese I planned to purchase, so I'll be changing my other scenarios a bit!

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