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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Homeland trip 5/2/10

We went to visit my sick Grandma...couldn't stay long, baby was fussy.   That's just an excuse, though;  it was difficult to be Gma isn't mking sense, slurring words, and eyes are wandering.  I think she had another stroke since last week.  We were there last Saturday for Garrett's bday party, and Gma stayed in bed all but 5 minutes.  She's eating now, and out of bed, but you can't understand her.  Heartbreaking.
Besides this Gma being sick, my other Grandma(out of state) is hospitalized with both hips dislocated..they don't know if she is stable enough for surgery.  If not, she will be bedridden.

I feel so helpless.

So, I turned to shopping for a little comfort.
Stopped at Homeland in Prattville on the way home.  Trenton and I each did two transactions to maximize our double coupons:  8 Yakisoba noodles, 6pk brawny, 3 Pscar Mayer bologna, 4 Borden cheese, 2 Hormel pork cube steak, 4 Suddenly Salad.

Spent $12.23, but I will get $11.65 back on a satisfaction guarantee offer for the Brawny, so that makes it $0.58 for all this!!!

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