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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

cvs 5/4

I couldn't resist the free and almost free stuff at CVS...spent $1.03+tax, woohoo!

The OFF clip on is 7.99 this week.  I used the bogo Q here and $2/1 Q here, plus my store will take Target coupons as CVS Qs so I used 2 $2 TQs, pd 0.99 for each OFF.

I used 5 bogo Qs for the coffeemate sticks here plus 5 of the 0.50/1 Qs from the 5/2/10 inserts.
The Edy's fruit bars are free wyb $10 worth of Nestle brand items.

I had various 0.25-0.50 Qs from inserts for the Dawn, which is on sale for 97 cents this week. 

I had a couple emailed Qs from CVS, plus some expiring ecb, to make up the rest.


jamie said...

That is som smart shopping! Would you mind sharing what coupons were used as I am needing these items as well? Sorry to be so nosy:)

beth said...

Not nosy..thx for reading! I think noone reads, and get busy with the kids, and don't elaborate!
I will edit my post to include Q links!

jamie said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
So, do those clip on bug repellents work? The buggas are coming out in our backyard and I'm afraid to spray with the chickens running around.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me which CVS here in Tulsa or the surrounding area take the target coupons?


beth said...

I haven't tried the clip-on yet, saving for the baby to use this summer.

All the CVS stores should allow competitors coupons(Target, Walgreens), they just enter them manually as a store Q. Some cashiers don't know this...they don't widely advertise this to their customers, but I sure am glad they told me!

mitzi said...

Ok, so maybe this is a question that is obvious to everyone else but do you get so many newspaper coupons. In this article you said you used 5 of the same one I believe. How do you do that? I collect my neighbor's coupons when they are done with it...but that is where my great resources end. I'm not sure I know anyone else who gets the paper. Help?

beth said...

Hi, Mitzi!
I trade coupns with a couple people in town, and others across the country. You can check recycle centers for discarded Qs, or order online from coupon clipping sites or ebay!