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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CVS Grand Opening near me!

Based on the past grand openings, they will put out a $10/$20 coupon, along with several other great coupons! Here are some scenarios to try if you can get your hands on several sets of those coupons, good for mamas this week:
2 Charmin big roll 16pk 9.99 each
1 Coke 2liter 1.25
use $10/$20 from flier
use 2 charmin 0.25 from 5/2 SS
use free 2liter from flier
pay 9.48+tax
5 Puffs 0.99 each
3 Pampers wipes 2.99 each
cvs dipes or trainpants 5.99
2ltr coke 1.25
use $10/$20
use free 2ltr
pay 9.91+tax, receive 10ecb from charmin/puffs & 2ecb from cvs dipes
Pampers 21.99
2ltr, use free Q
use 10/20
use $2 mq from P&G 5/2
use 10 ecb
pay tax only, receive 5ecb from pampers
pampers 21.99
2ltr, use free Q
use 10/20
use $2 from P&G 5/2
use 5ecb &2ecb, pay 2.99+tax, receive 5ecb
pampers 21.99
2ltr, use free Q
use 10/20
use $2 from P&G 5/2
use 5ecb, pay 4.99+tax, receive 5ecb

So, if you can obtain 5 fliers, do 5 trans, buy 32 rolls Charmin, 5 bx Puffs, 5 2ltrs Coke, 1 pk cvs dipes, 3 wipes, 3 bxs pampers, for $27.50+tax, plus have 5ecb for next week.

3 Hefty trash bags 6.49 each
coke 2ltr 1.25
use 10/20,use free 2ltr
use 5ecb, pay 4.47, receive 3ecb for Hefty I do this deal or not?  I'll have to see how many ecb I have right now...I really don't think I need any of this, and Pampers jumbo pks are 8.98 the week of 6/6...decisions, decisions!


Mom About Town said...

Sounds like you had fun with all those $10/20 coupons too! :)

beth said...

nope...didn't get any...the plan was thwarted, lol.