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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Farewell to a dear friend.

Jackson woke up around 2 this morning...he likes to keep things interesting around here. Since I was up and playing with and nursing the little cutie, I turned on the laptop to catch up on emails and facebook. I had a message from an old high school friend's sister. Apparently he had been battling depression and had taken his life, they just found him last night. My heart is breaking for his family, for his son. I hadn't kept in touch with Kevin too much, life, work, school. I didn't want his wife or him to feel I was intrusive, so I didn't try very hard to stay in contact when he was slow to respond to my messages. Maybe I should have. I had a group of friends that I ran around with, but I consider Kevin to have been my closest, best friend in school. We didn't date each other, but we often did date-type things...the fair, football games, movies, etc. It was a great relationship! I loved his family and him. He will be so missed.

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