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Monday, January 25, 2010

January grocery shopping

$83.29.  That's what I spent on groceries for this month.  I know, we have the rest of the week, but I don't anticipate hitting the grocery store at all..there is just no room!  I am amazed that although I really tried to 'Cook from my Stockpile' all month, we are still stocked!  My crazy frozen meal run at Target is cramming the freezer(30 Smart Ones meals for under $8 tax included).  We did not eat out as a family(I got a free Arby's once or twice!) so the $84 is accurate!  Amazed!  I made a couple large purchases:  chicken breasts and broccoli & cauliflower, which all got separated and frozen for later use.  I plan to keep doing this...plan meals according to what we have already, and just stock up on basics or freebies as they are available.

Now, my Walgreens & CVS spending...that's a whole other story.  I can overlook my spending there because most has involved rebates, and personal shopping that I'm doing for some friends.

Looking at my Excel Spreadsheet which tracks my savings, in the month of January so far, I have bought $2363 worth of groceries and toiletries.  After coupons, rebates, and personal shopping sales, I have a PROFIT of $, my cabinets are full, and several charities close to my heart got multiple donations!

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whatthedealio said...

You are so much better at this than I am. I need to come down for some 'training'!!!!!