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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Bought How Much????

A friend forwarded me an Excel Spreadsheet program to track my spending & saving since it's the beginning of the New Year.  I love the program, by the way, and I think it will be very helpful in me getting my spending under control.

Under control.  Ha.  Most of you that 'know' me and my style of shopping, and you know me to not spend money, right?  I total 0.00+tax every time I shop, right?  Yes, you are right.  Problem is, in this state, you are taxed on the pre-coupon price. 

Just to get an idea of my spending habits, I looked through my checkbook ledger for last month.  My many, many transactions added up to almost $150.  Eek!  This was all Walgreens and Target and Homeland, which means 99% of my transactions were $1 or less + tax, many times 0.00+tax.  Figure that out, and it means that I purchased around $1500 worth of items in December 2009...really?  What did I buy? $1500 x 8.517% tax=127.76, which allows me to account for about $20 in after coupon, pre-tax purchases, which is probably pretty close to accurate(I didn't have a coupon to make everything free).

I'm a little speechless.  I'm a little embarassed.  I'm a little impressed(secretly).  Needless to say, I'm going to cut back on my spending a little.  Then again, I look at it this way:  $150/month for groceries and toiletries is great!

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whatthedealio said...

Yep, I noticed how much taxes eats out of my pocket immediately. Even with our local tax going back down to 6.3% if you are buying high dollar items and getting them for free you are still spending money. That is why I have been doing the rr money makers and rebates the most. I mean, I will buy some products I need of course because I need them and I only have to pay the maxis, lip balm, lotion. I HAVE to buy those items anyway! I use them, I NEED THEM REGARDLESS, LOL!!!!! I am excited to get free items but I also am trying not to buy things I don't need unless for some reason they get me something else for free that I do need, or if they get me a cash rebate.

Saying that though...I am trying to keep my shopping under control as well! I have been doing this for about a month now and I have spent way less so far than I would have had I got bored and ended up at a store buying something just to buy it though. I do go shopping and do that and I also go to stores to walk around inside when it is so cold outside. So I probably am saving more money than I realize in the end because my urge to purchase has been diminished.