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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who loves Kashi?

and who loves Target? answer: me, and me! lovin SuperT today! Here's what I got: 9 boxes Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal 2 boxes Kashi tlc chewy snack bars 4 boxes Kashi go lean crunch cereal 2 Wishbone dressings 10 sticks MP pepperjack cheese used 5 TQ for cheese 1 TQ & 2 MQ for wishbone 1 free honey sunshine(Vocalpt mailer) 4 -1.50 honey sunshine Qs(vocalpt) 4 -1.50 honey sunshine IP 2 -1.50 tlc wyb go lean cereal IP 3 -1.50/2 peelies got $15 gift cards and oop 21.58...went to guest services to ad match price with Walgreens ad)2/$5 Kashi cereal)...received $5.37 back in cash! So, my adjusted total was 16.21, got $15 gc to use on the next gc deal! Seriously? That's 1.21 for 13 boxes of cereal, 2 bx of granola bars, 10 stx of cheese, and 2 salad dressings!

1 comment:

tenthingsfarm said...

Awesome, Beth! I love when that happens! We're going to town Friday - I may just have to stop at Target myself! :)