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Monday, September 28, 2009

Target freebies 9/28/09

A friend and I plopped Garrett into the stroller and walked up to's about 23 blocks one-way, plus we walked in the store for awhile, so we got a workout! I needed it, too, since I'm participating in a challenge for 8 wks! I bought 16 bags of chex-mix, the 8.75 oz bag, special price ends today of 1.17 each, regular price is 1.75, so still not bad if you miss it today....I used a 1.00TQ for each plus a 0.50 MQ( & for each bag, making each free! I also found a kids crest toothbrush/toothpaste set in travel/trial for 0.99, used $1 crest kids MQ from Sunday paper and, 2 Downy wrinkle release in travel/trial 1.97 each, used free MQ for each and, Clean & Clear morning burst scrub in travel/trial 0.97, used $1 MQ and, tide 2X in travel/trial for 0.99, used $1 MQ from Sunday paper and Mr.Clean liquid cleaner 2.39 & spray cleaner 2.59, used b1g1 plus 0.75 MQ and 4ct Magic Erasers, 2 boxes at 3.44 each, used b1g1 plus 1.00 MQ and 2ct Magic Eraser(the foaming one for kitchen/bath) 2.29, used 0.75 MQ just b/c it was going to expire Wednesday tried to get airwick starter kits with Qs to make them free, but they were out..guess everyone heard about them too! Going to Walgreens tomorrow for a money maker shopping trip, and will try to get to Super Target Wednesday because I have some grocery coupons to use...will post those deals also! oh, the chex mix coupons on Target website or Organic Grocery Deals is for $1 each, can be used on the small bags found at the registers to get them free if you don't have the other coupons to match the deal!

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