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Thursday, September 24, 2009

8 wk challenge

Sunday, Sept 27 is the start of an 8 wk challenge...another installment of mini-challenges on MamaNotes' Body After Baby series...I am ready, sort of..I am trying to ease my thinking and habits in the right direction! I think this challenge might work for me, though, because you earn points for reps of a specific task each week...I think it may be easier for me to focus on just push-ups or just steps taked or just crunches for a week rather than trying to fit a workout in around Garrett's schedule. Of course, just focusing on one body area each week may not be the best idea, so I may alternate days, like S-T-Th-Sat do the specified task, and M-W-F do a task for a different muscle group..I don't know how that'll work yet, but brainstorming in advance. Another reason this may work for me is because I have self-diagnosed OCD, and I WILL do 1000 pushups if I know that's the only exercise I must focus on that week. Finally, something where OCD will pay off! Now, if I could give myself a challenge to limit my obsession with shopping, we'd really be making progress,lol! Oh, if you are reading this, it's NOT too late to join the challenge..c'mon, torture yourself with me!

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