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Friday, September 4, 2009

Target, again...

Today was a VERY good trip to Target! Garrett was cooperative for the most part, and even though they were out of stock on some items I planned to purchase, I still got a cart full of groceries cheap! Here's what I got: 2 Earth's best snacks 1.77 & 1.58, used 2 TQ and 2 MQ, 0.27 & 0.47 final! surge protector(at dh's request) clearance 6.79 6 AF artisan mini breads(whole grain, yum) used TQ to get these free! 8 pkg of beef chuck steak, 1-2 lbs each, used 8 TQ and each had $2-$2.50 peelies, so final was 0.93-2.43 final for each 8 lbs bananas, used 8 TQ to get these for 0.16/lb 4 MP string cheese 0.40 each, used 2 TQ to get these free w/overage Univ of OK book cover(for ds) clearance for 1.18 8 boxes Special K bliss bars 2.39 each, used 3 MQ(all I had left) and 8 TQ to get these for 15.12 and received 2 $5 gift cards back, so like spending 5.12 2 boxes Nutrigrain cereal bars 2.39 each, used 1 MQ and 2 TQ to get these for 3.78 and the deal came with a free 64oz MP orange juice free I used 2 $5 gift cards from previous gc deals to get a total oop of 30.84, I received back 2 $5 gift cards, plus the Special K bars & Nutrigrain bars qualify for the Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate of $10!! If I remove the non-grocery items, this means I paid about $12 for 8 pkg of steaks, 10 boxes of cereal bars, 8 lbs bananas, 2 baby snacks, 6 mini loaves of bread, OJ, and! The original price of the steaks alone was 39.19, so this was indeed a good trip!

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