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Sunday, February 7, 2010

walgreens 02/07/10

oop $3.61, got $25 in new RRs, profit of $21.39!

trans 1:
2 Kotex tampons 2/$6, -1.50 IP
2 spices 0.99 each, -in ad Q
Dove men bodywash 5.99, -1.50 IP
2 Scrubbing Bubbles 2/$5, used $2/2 peelie
Super Poligrip $2, -1.50 IP
4 3Musketeers 0.69 each, used in ad Q(good on the regular or mint, not truffle)
pd with $5 Wags Dollars & $10RR for 1.89oop, received 3RR for Kotex, 6RR for Dove, 2RR for Poligrip, 1.50RR for 3Musketeers

trans 2:
the only thing I changed was 2 Extra gum 3pk instead of the Scrubbing Bubbles(same prices, and they didn't have 2 more Scrubing Bubbles)
pd with $5 Wags Dollars & 10RR for 1.72oop, received another 12.50 in RRs


whatthedealio said...

Sweet. I have $45 RR burning in my pocket...LOL

whatthedealio said...

On the candy bars...Truffle crisps really do not work to give RR? The wags girl showed them on her site...but of course she doesn't live around here. Maybe I will just try once and see what happens.

beth said...

truffle crisps work for RR but not the 49 cent in ad, I don't think they are very good!