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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Upcoming at Target

This week, I need to get to Target to get a few of the Sobe Lifewaters, $1 each, buy 2, use bogo MQ and TQs from their website=2 free!

Also, their new 0.50/$1 or more deli purchase might make for some really reasonable deli meat or cheese.  Ideally, you could ask for 1/4 or 1/2 lb incrememnts and use 1TQ on each.

Their new $1/Sutton & Dodge TQ will go great on the packages of steak and roasts that have the MQ peelies on them.  Leave the peelies on, the cashier has to remove them!  The last time they had this Target coupon available, I waited until the last week before it expired because I just couldn't find the meat at good prices to start with.  But in the end I bought 15 lbs of steak an roasts for $11...shocking!  We have exhausted that supply through fajitas and stews, so I'm ready to find some more!

Another great Target coupon just out is the $1.50 off Reveal lightbulbs.  Last time I checked these were around $2-$2.50 for a 4pk.  If you have MQs left from Target site last week or from, even better!

Next week, there are a couple decent gift card deals:
Buy 10 selected Healthy Choice meals (ad shows frozen meals or fresh mixers, all for 2.50 each) and get $5 gc.

Buy 5 select Quaker products (shows oatmeals squares cereal and 10 pack instant oatmeal for 2.75plus chewy bars or bites for 2.34, says others) and get $5 GC.

I won't do the oatmeal deal since we have plenty, but I found a coupon clipping site here with $2 Qs for the Healthy Choice mixers...they only have 82 left right now, so hurry if you want some!  This is my plan:
buy 10 Healthy Choice mixers=25.00, use 10 $2Qs=5.00 oop, get $5gc;  do a separate trans for 10 more=25.00, use 10 $2Qs, pay with gc from first trans, pay tax only, get $5gc!  Yes, I spent money on the coupons, but it works out to about 50 cents per meal, which I call a deal for convenience lunch when Garrett won't let me put him down!

Week of 2/14 there is another Gillette Fusion fazor deal, buy 2 at 6.99 each, use 2 $4MQs in the inserts 2/7, get $5 gc, not bad.

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