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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CVS this week

I need to get to CVS Thursday or Friday...the Bonus Days are ending soon I haven't been to take advantage.  Here's the plan(now watch, I'll plan this, then they'l come out with a new $5/20 Q so I'll have to change things...):
trans 1
4 Ragu =6.67, use 2 $1/2mqs=4.67
1 Glade Fabric & Air 2.50
use 6ecb from last visit, pay 1.17 oop, get 3ecb from Glade

trans 2
2 Hellmans 5.99 each, bogo=5.99, use 2 $0.75mqs=4.49
use 3ecb, pay 1.49 oop get 3ecb for ragu/hellmans

trans 3
2 Glade Fabric & Air 5.00
use 3ecb, pay 2.00 oop, get 6 ecb for glade

trans 4
1 Dove mens body wash 5.49
0.51 filler
use 6ecb, pay tax, get 5.49 ecb

trans 5
1 Dove mens body wash 5.49
use 5.49 ecb, pay tax, get5.49 ecb

trans 6
2 Glade Fabric & Air 5.00
2 Phys Form clearance bogo, use $2mq
use 5.49 ecb, pay ?oop, get 6ecb

hmmm...wonder what I can do to get my oop lower?  I'll have to play around with this a bit!

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