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Saturday, September 25, 2010

September spending, eek.

I went a little baby shopping crazy this month.  Ok, the past 4 days, really.  It started with Target and their Huggies wipes deal and Pure & natural dipes deal.  I did that deal a few times, then I found a half-price certificate for on PlumDistrict.  When I went to to redeem my certificate, I found a stroller I wanted, at a price I didn't.  But, they have a special through the end of the year, if you use code 30love, you get 30% credit back on all diaper purchases.  So, my great idea was to buy the max amount of diapers, $300, and earn the max credit, $90.  Um, yeah...I am looking at around 2500 diapers now.  Garrett is stocked back up, and the new baby will be set for probably 6 months!  Plus, I have a great tandem stroller coming at a fraction of the original price.

If you are new to, you can get 15% off by using my referral code BETH6476.  But you can only use one code per purchase, so if you want to use the 30love code, I would suggest making a second order after starting with the referral.

Oh, I did think to go through ebates for my purchases, where I earned 5% cashback on that $300!

Whew!  Glad it's out in the open...I finally told me husband last night what I did...he didn't even freak out!  He saw it the same way I did...we'd be buying diapers anyway, the double stroller why not use the discounts from the diaper deal to fund the stroller deal.  Plus, I got diapers shipped to my front door overnight...getting ready for baby is so fun!

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