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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Harps double coupons, September

It's here, today through next Tuesday, Harps double coupon event.  I spent way more than I normally do when I shop for groceries, but there were a few staples we needed, and there is only one more month of double coupons at Harps left this year, so I am stocking up!  There were plenty of other deals that I passed because I don't buy alot of the typical couponing are on your own for that sort of thing.  Here's what I did buy:
Martha Gooch elbow macaroni 0.68 each(no coupon, but good price if you make homemade macaroni & cheese!)
Martha White cornbread mix 0.85 each, used 0.35/1 here
C&H sugar 2.89 & brown sugar 2.35, used $1/2 from Ladies Home Journal mag
5 Philly cream cheese tubs 1.68 each, used $5/5 Kraft Q here
Eagle Mills ultragrain flour 3.25, used $1/1 here
Rhodes rolls 2.49, used $1 from various inserts
Tidy cats litter 2.98, used $1/1 here
Grandes chips 3.00, used $1/1 insert Q, bought from a coupon clipping site

Now that I have flour, sugar, and cream cheese, I'm going to try making a fruit and cream cheese danish...stay tuned for that recipe!

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