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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's going on?

Well, Garrett is napping on me, so this is a prime opportunity for me to do a little blogging!

Around the house: 
I need to make and print my newest project: chore charts!  Trenton already has 6 day a week assignments, but I am not pleased with his bathroom cleaning skills, so I am going to rearrange some things for him.  Plus, I am really bad about scheduling at home...I can spend all day playing with Garrett, shopping, and cooking...and I slack on cleaning.  I think if I make myself some lists, and choose one task a day, I'll be fine!  I already dusted today, so I feel accomplished!

Trenton started soccer last week.  He hasn't played on a team for many years, and he is definitely out of practice, but he is being active and enjoying time with friends.  Whatever makes him happy!  His first game is Thursday...can't wait!

Garrett is a-movin'!  Garrett loves to speed down the hall, giggling if he thinks I am 'chasing' after him.  What a booger!  He also has discovered what fun it is to pull EVERYTHING off shelves.  I'm not fond of that game, but I allow it to some extent, because I think it helps him practice his standing.
Garrett is so strange about eating.  We started solids at 4 months.  He was ready, he loved them.  Somewhere along the line, at about 7 or 8 months, he started refusing purees.  Table foods started.  Now, he won't hardly eat anything.  Sure, he acts like he wants stuff, then his tongue pushes the food out of his mouth, like he doesn't want it.  I sort of think it's his teeth---he has several trying to cut through, so he gnaws on the mesh feeder when I put ice cubes inside.  He sometimes will eat avocado, puffs or cheerios, likes berries in the mesh feeder, and our new discovery, rice...he loves rice!  Most of the time, though, Garrett wants a few bits of his food, then he wants to nurse.  At 11 months and counting, I expected him to start weaning a little, but Garret has no interest in giving that up right now!


Anonymous said...

Ok so I just found your blog thru MSQ and this post just made me feel sooo much better!! My yougest will be 11 months on the 1st and she is doing the exact same thing!! I was starting to get worried but hopefully its just a phase. I feel so much better knowing your little one is doing the same thing. :) But I'm getting really ready for her to wean. I'm ready to be done but can't just make her stop cold turkey so I'm at a crossroads with it right now. Are you planning to let him self wean?
Heather or 3girlsmom on MSQ

beth said...

Hi, Heather! I am not ready to wean, and neither is he. I think he doesn't like the texture of most foods, but not too worried after talking to MIL and others. Yesterday Garrett had his 1yr doc appt, and his doc said 'time to wean'...which floored me! I have never thought that she would encourage weaning if he still wants to...I'm not following her advice. Sure, he'll eat more 'food' when he weans, but I didn't pressure my oldest to wean, and he did on his own at 13m...we'll see how it goes, but 18m is my limit! My oldest DID stop cold turkey, but his choice ;-) good luck!