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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weight Loss Efforts 2010

Well, I am at it again, I think.  I think I am ready to lose weight finally.  When I became pregnant with Garrett, I was at a crossroads:  lose weight or get pregnant.  We got pregnant.  So, I started my pregnancy overweight, and I gained 40+ lbs during. 
I was able to lose about 50lbs by the time Garrett was 2 months old.  Since then, I haven't tried at all to watch what I eat nor to exercise, yet I have lost another 20 lbs.  Makes me want to breastfeed forever!  But, the reality is that Garrett turns one this month, and I know that he will soon wean himself, and my secret to weightloss will be over. 

My mother has been overweight for almost 30 years.  She was always slim growing up and even had to gain weight in order to enlist in the military.  Recently, my mother found out she was diabetic, extremely.  I thought for certain she would ignore the news and set back into bad habits, but surprisingly, she is eating differently, taking meds, and exercising.  Not much exercise, but more than none!  Since her diagnosis, she has lost around 20 pounds, and I am inspired!  I am trying to get myself committed to my own weight loss, so that I can tell her what her efforts have inspired in me!

Today I spent 15 minutes on my elliptical trainer..not very long, but better than sitting at the computer those 15 minutes.  I still ate alot of calories, but I am still breastfeeding, and I refuse to apologize for eating when I am hungry!  I did make better choices in my eating, though...and I am happy with that!  I also drank water today, which I have been very bad about the past several months...I know, it's very important...this will be difficult for me at first.

Plan to see some posts about my progress...I need to be able to 'show' someone, so I can keep moving forward!


Shannon "Coupon Princess" said...

Good luck with your weight loss journey. It is a hard road, been there done that still doing it! LOL..

beth said...

Thanks, Shannon! Today was ok...ate much better(no snacking!), 10 min on elliptical plus some crunches & push-ups, but not enough water yet...journey continues!

My Favorite Deals Blog said...

15 minutes on the elliptical is a great start :) Those things are brutal.

Good luck!