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Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm a finalist! Vote!

I'm a finalist in a local blog contest at 918CouponQueen.  You can look at pics and vote here by leaving a comment of your fav.  The contest ends Monday, and the winner gets a $100 Target gift card.  Since I spent about $35 at Target to stock my freezers, that $100 gift card could go a long way to keep my family fed!  Go vote for who you think should win, even if it's not me(but I'll gladly accept your vote!)

Funny story:  A couple weeks ago, I discovered my freezer was not freezing..eek!  My husband was working alot and no time to look at it, so I took the plunge and ordered a new freezer.  Well, at my suggestion, we discovered that the problem was the thermostat, and fixed the old one for a $40 part, the day before the new one came in!  So, now I have 2 chest freezers, which I like because I can stay more organized, and have room to put all our garden goodies this year!  So, we lost a few things in the fiasco, but it hadn't been very stocked.  Fortunately, the problem came at a time when I needed to restock on bread, meat, etc.  So, I scoured the ads and hit Target & Homeland and stocked back up for a low cost!  I love SuperTarget, by the way!  If you check often, you can usually score some pretty good deals on meat and produce...I found some stew meat and roasts that I ended up paying about 50 cents/lb for...what a deal!

Only one of my pics is shown on the voting page, but here are some others I took:
my inside freezer, with junk food

my veggie, bread, cheese freezer

my meat freezer, holding currently about a month's worth of dinner plans and 2-3 months worth of lunches


michelleb said...

Hope you win!!! My freezer is horrible looking so I didn't even want to show it to win. I didn't realize that you can freeze solid blocks of cheese. I've heard that if you shred it it will freeze O.K. How has your luck been with the whole block? Is there a trick to freezing bread? Thanks!! and hope you win.

beth said...

I always freeze cheese...of course I only use the frozen for casseroles or pasta dishes...if I eat it with crackers I like it fresh. No problems with slices either for sandwiches. Sometimes we buy shredded at Sams and freeze into smaller portions.

Bread we go through a loaf or two a week so no problems. Just freeze, take out night before you need it. You could refrigerate it but we don't...with all those kids you probably go through bread quickly, Michelle?
I picked up alot at Target when they had their $1 coupon for their breads.